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(The most interesting designs of the most innovation period 1970s-80s)

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Get Your Surfboard Appraised

We appraise surfboards from anywhere in the world.

1. Send us a email with photos of complete front and back of the surfboard, plus a description including size.
2. Make a $9.95 payment by paypal on this page..
3. After seeing photos and description, we will give you a price range of what similar surfboards in that condition have sold for.

Send your photos and description by email to 

With many surfboards from the 60s and 70s selling for $1,000 - $10,000 or more.  Vintage surfboards are a great investment.  Being 2015, anything 25 years or older is now an antique. Boards from 1983 and older are skyrocketing in value.  From the neglected 80s board on the used board rack to a wall hanger worth a thousand in just a few years time. 90% of Surf Shops wont even sell 80's boards that get traded in.  They go on the ceiling as an long term investment display or into the shop owner’s home collection. We know because we drove the entire coast of the United States and checked out every surf shop and saw what’s happening now!. Mint 80's boards are now collector’s items, not just used boards for sale.

We wish we could go back in time and buy all those 60's and 70s boards worth thousands today. If you could go back in time, would you; buy those valuable vintage surfboards before they were worth so much, bet on sports games you knew the outcome of, play the lottery with those winning numbers? Here is your chance, 80's boards are on the verge of being worth a lot more money. In a few more years a $300 80's board may be worth $1,000 or more. We know what happened with 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s surf board prices. Will the 80s be any different?  The 80's time period saw the greatest change in surfboard design and variation ever. Twin Fin, Tri Fin, Quad Fin, more. Even today, shaper are trying to recreate the 80's surf board shapes. History repeats itself again and again.

old used surfboards.jpg

While a surfboard manufactured today usually costs between $350 and $500, older surfboards can fetch much higher prices. Certain highly collectible old surfboards that originally cost $65 might sell now for as much as $10,000. The value of vintage surfboards depends on age, rareness, condition, brand and other factors. It is so cool, it's unbelievable. A vintage surfboard hanging in your living room at the house. It is a collector's item. It is something you could never replace. More surfing museums exist now than ever. There are six surfing museums in California, two in Hawaii, three on the East Coast and two in Australia. Older surfers are showing their kids what they started on. Surfing, long recognized as a celebration of youth, is now celebrating its age. Flashback!

Surfing museums are sprouting up as far away as Japan. Many surfing devotees who started riding waves as teenagers in the 60s 70s and 80s are seeking out and collecting the vintage surfboards of their youth. The trend has turned into a cottage industry, with some old surfboards selling for thousands of dollars and collector catalogs listing the nuances of hundreds of kinds of boards.
To the collector, possessing a vintage surfboard is an expression of reverence for the past and respect for craftsmanship. Surfboard design has evolved wildly, with surfboards getting lighter, becoming shorter and then getting thicker again.

People love the old shortboards, and they are snapping up the well preserved ones. It's mainly made up of older guys who have been surfing many years. Now they have got plenty of money, and they have got a nostalgia for the old days of surfing, and they're willing to pay good money for vintage surfboards. But it's not just surfers who are buying classic surfboards. Doctors are buying them, putting them in their offices. It's just kind of a showpiece like an antique coffee table or an old firearm. Many surfboards are not just tools of sport but also works of art. It's like folk art. I call it coastal folk art. You can surf it, utilize it. Or hang it on the wall as a piece of art. The work of several kinds of craftsmen can go into making one surfboard. In some cases, one person shapes a surfboard's foam core while another coats the foam with fiberglass and another paints the surfboard.

surfboard wall rack.jpg
Fins in or out

Show your surfboard to the world.

This website is also an online museum of classic surfboards.  We are happy to post boards(for sale or not for sale) so people can see truly great examples of vintage surfboards. Every season(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) we will pick the coolest board and send the winner a Vintage prize.  You board will be displayed on our homepage as the winner, you even get free consignment if you want to sell your board. Help us save pictures of classic boards before the history is lost. Click Here To Enter Contest

surfboard contest.jpg
Short Board Era Begins
*1967 Micro Model,7'10 under
*1968 Micro formular vee, 7'4
*1969 Star II (longboard) 9'6"
*1969 Island Lighting (gunny)
*1969 Micro Platypus
*1969 Micro Missle
*1969 Micro Roller
*1969 Micro Railer
*1970 Sudden Burst
*1971 TWF Flyer (twin fin era)
*1972 Micro Fish
*1974 Swallow Wing
*1978 Squash Tail
1985 Micro Turbo Hull (tri fin era)
1985 Micro Standard Rounded Pin
1987 Thomy Gunns, Double Ender
vintage surfboards.jpg
Flashback 1984 "Check Out Boards and Vintage Surf Clothes in Video below.

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surf stickers.jpg

Attention: With many surfboards from the 60s to 80s selling for $500 - $10,000 or more.  Vintage surfboards are a great investment.  Being 2015, anything 25 years or older is now an antique. Boards older than 1983 are skyrocketing in value.  Do you know what’s happening? 80's boards are now collector’s items, not just used boards for sale. 

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